Directions to the Guiding Star Grange

Route 91 Northbound
  1. Take exit #26 and take first right off ramp. Continue at #2 below.

Route 91 Southbound
  1. Take exit #26, go 3/4 around the rotary and get onto Route 2A east.

  2. Go east on Route 2A. This becomes Main Street in Greenfield.

  3. From 1st traffic light (Dunkin Donuts) go 1/2 mile.

  4. Turn left onto Chapman Street (Look for The Corner Cupboard and The Country Jeweler, both on Chapman Street).

  5. Go approximately 1.5 miles. The Grange (a white building with pillars) is on the right.

Route 2 Eastbound
  1. Route 2 becomes Route 2A as you go through the rotary at Route 91. From there, follow directions from #2 above.

Route 2 Westbound
  1. Follow Route 2A when it separates from Route 2 in Greenfield.

  2. Turn right at second light onto Silver Street.

  3. Approximately 7/10 mile after the next stop light, turn left onto Chapman Street.

  4. The grange is the white building with pillars on the left.

created and maintained by George Marshall || last updated 7 Dec '97